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An Cosantóir July-August 2021

An Cosantóir the official magazine of the Irish Defence Forces and Reserve Defence Forces.

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CONTENTS Features: 22 42 28 34 50 32 Regulars: By Tony O'Brien Photos provided Lt Cdr Mike Brunicardi By Lt Gillian Power Photos provided DF Flickr and Lt Gillian Power By Paul O'Brien MA Photos by Sgt Karl Byrne & A/M Sam Gibney By Tony O'Brien Photos provided by Naval Service By Andrew Doherty Photos take from various sources By SCPO/Era Ruairí de Barra Photos provided by SCPO/Era Ruairí de Barra Lt Cdr Mike Brunicardi Lt Cdr Mike Brunicardi Waterford the Emergency Irelands Fishery Monitoring Centre LÉ Roisín Refit Faith of the PV's Impenetrable Shadows 22 Irelands Fishery Monitoring Centre 28 Impenetrable Shadows 32 LÉ Roisín Refit Waterford the Emergency 34 42 Fate of the PV's 50 10 52 56 58 60 62 On Parade From the Archives Internal Comms Noticeboard Headspace and Timing Book Reviews VOL 81 JUL/AUG 2021 NO 04

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