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79 JTF Update Op Fortitude • Over 100 DF pers deployed weekly – 122,309 to date so far. • CMU have been deploying Emergency Ambulances to support the HSE. • Average 10 pers deployed each day to 8 vaccination centres. Op Fáilte – DF support to receive and assist Ukrainians seeking protection in Ireland. • DF support to two call centres in Collins Bks and Finner Camp, 20 DF pers were deployed each day from the 4th to the 9th. The call centres have two functions – Confirm accommodation pledges with owners and allocate these to assessors. • DF continues to maintain Gormanston Emergency accommodation and reception centre. • Over 100 DF pers deployed weekly – 1,024 to date so far. Content on the Member's Area (MA) of The Member's Area of has been updated with the below information. You will find the most up to date Internal Communication information on the Member's Area. 1. General Staff Updates. 2. Updated guidance on the wearing of Facemasks. 3. EOIs. 4. DF Women's Network Newsletter. 5. Events: • Marching for Maternities – 1st of May. • 10 Mile Road Race –30th of June. 6. Photo Albums: • DFTC Museum launch of the women's section. • Ministerial review of 65th Inf Gp. • Air Corps Centenary celebrations. • 97th Cadet Class & 11 POs class photos and commission in Collins Barracks. • UNDOF homecoming. • DF Rugby vs RAF Rugby. • Eric's Party. • Centenary of the handover of Aiken Barracks. • 106th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS UPDATE By Capt Austin Doyle of PR Branch Photos Provided by Capt Austin Doyle INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS UPDATE Internal Communications Update is created by the Defence Forces Internal Communications Team. Our aim is to deliver accurate and timely information of interest to our members in order to increase awareness on current and future developments across the organisation. Our segment in the An Cosantóir, along with our online member's area on, will allow information of interest to be distributed across the DF. The Member's Area of is to enable our personnel to access information while off-site. COMMISSION ON THE DF IMPLEMENTATION MANAGEMENT OFFICE Following the publication on 09 Feb of the Report of the Commission on the Defence Forces, the Minister outlined his intention to provide a Memo for Government in advance of summer recess. A civil/military project team, led by Col Colm O'Luasa and PO David Byrne, has been established and work has commenced on preparing a response. A questionnaire seeking feedback with detailed instructions has been is- sued to the key stakeholders of both the Defence Forces and Department of Defence. A Memo Project brief has been delivered to the General Staff, Department of Defence Management Board, Formation Commanders and Directors. Continued engagement with the Rep Associations is ongoing. Visits and Focus Groups' engagement have been conducted by the Minister, Chief of Staff and Secretary General to Cathal Brugha Bks, Collins Bks, Naval Base and Custume Bks. More visits are planned. 106th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising DF Rugby vs RAF Rugby Commissioning Ceremony To view more information on all the above please go to The Member's Area of Scan the QR code to straight the Member's Area. If there is Defence Forces Internal Messages you wish to have published here or on please email

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