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Chief's Review I text we must examine why it was deemed necessary by Government. The Defence Forces has a budget of € 688 million this year which covers all expenses including; pay, allowances, equipment, clothing, buildings, maintenance, and the conduct of training and operations. This figure, whilst significant in the current economic climate, is not sufficient to sustain either the organisation that we had or the numbers required to run it. Put simply, we had to re-orga- nise if we are to continue to function as a conventional military force. This process will lead to no redundancies or job losses and on the contrary will end uncertainty. It will deliver the required efficiencies whilst maximis- ing effectiveness and enable recruit- ment and promotion within the revised figures at all rank levels, the lifeblood of any military force. I can assure you that as Chief of the re-organisation of the Defence Forces. The Minister's announce- ment provided us with our end state and considerable planning has been conducted in the intervening period on how we will move to the new organisation. I do not underestimate the challenges that this will present for each of us, but ultimately the task of implementing this plan will rest on the shoulders of the men and women of Óglaigh na hÉireann. To put this re-organisation in con- wrote to you following the signif- icant announcement by the Min- ister for Defence on 17 July 12 on Staff of Óglaigh na hÉireann, I will continue to make every effort to ensure that all reasonable concerns are addressed in as constructive and positive a manner as possible. A high Defence Forces Newsletter OCTOBER 2012 Vol 16 Issue 7 level implementation group has met regularly since the Minister's an- nouncement and I have instructed them, that as loyal and dedicated servants of the State, we must achieve our mission as directed by the Minister and Government whilst also minimising any negative effects on you and your families. It is antici- pated that the main elements of this re-organisation will be completed by 30 November 2012. I am acutely aware that this will be a difficult and trying process for all. In our long and proud history, the Defence Forces has overcome many significant challenges, flourished and continued to provide first class military capability to the State and its citizens. As we progress the pro- cess of implementation, the tangible benefits for both the organisation as a whole and its individual members will become clear. These will include induction, career development and individual progression across all services of the Defence Forces. The most significant element of our military capability is you, the men and women of Óglaigh na hÉireann and it is because of you, your commitment and your flexibil- ity that our crucial operations and training on island, in our territo- rial waters and overseas continue at such a high tempo. Whilst this re-organisation undoubtedly sets challenges, they are ones which we must overcome together in the best traditions of the Irish Defence Forces. I remain humbled by your duty, honour and loyalty to the State and I sincerely thank you for your continued service and support. Beir Bua! Contents Uganda Lebanon Update Courses IMREC PSS Brief Spot the Difference Re-Org Poster READ MORE

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