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August 2011

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tac aide - social media | 25 SOCIAL MEDIA was issued to enable military personnel to make full use of online presences, while protecting their own safety and security, and that of their comrades. TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY In 2011, a Defence Forces Social Media Policy was introduced to highlight the proper use of online social media sites, such as (Face- book, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and Flickr) and you, as a member of the Defence Forces can put up or say. The policy SOCIAL MEDIA CODE OF CONDUCT Members of the Defence Forces who operate personal social media sites or who have any interaction online on Defence Forces or non-Defence Forces sites must do so in strict com- pliance with the terms of the DF Social Media Policy. When uploading any content on any social media platforms you must be aware that your comments are viewable by members of the media and the general public, regardless of whether your profile is private or not. DO’S Follow the same high standards of conduct and behaviour online as would be expected elsewhere. Always maintain personal information and operational secu- rity. Be careful about the information you share online. If in doubt, leave it out Make your family and friends are aware of the operational security issues surrounding their interaction with you or about you on social media sites Get authorisation from your chain of command when appropriate Disable geo-tagging or geo-location services on your smart phone/social media platforms, while on duty at home and overseas Provide your formation or brigade press officer with any interesting content you may have relating to Defence Forces activities (Photos or video so as that it can be used on DF social media sites) Share, re-post, re-tweet or link to Defence Forces social me- dia content Encourage friends to join Defence Forces social media sites DON’TS Publish any information that relates to operations, deploy- ments or your service within the Defence Forces without prior approval Offer opinion or comment on wider Defence Forces activity or related issues Post material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threat- ening, harassing, abusive, slanderous, hateful or embarrass- ing to any other person or entity Attempt to speak, or be interpreted as speaking, on behalf of the Defence Forces or the Department of Defence Comment on any issue relating to controversial, sensitive or political matters which would be incompatible with service in the Defence Forces Create any social content that could cause the Defence Forces to be embarrassed or brought into disrepute Use blogs, vlogs, forums or any other type of social media sites to offer opinion or commentary on experiences in the Defence Forces without permission UPLOADING IMAGERY The uploading of any images, video or recordings of Defence Forces personnel must reflect the Defence Forces as a mod- ern, professional and disciplined military force Any images, video or recordings of personnel identified as members of the Defence Forces acting inappropriately re- flects poorly on the individual and the Defence Forces Every member of the Defence Forces has a duty to report through the chain of command any images, video or record- ings, which are in contravention of this instruction Any media content, which is not compatible with the best interest of the Defence Forces must be removed immediately Any member of the Defence Forces who fails to comply with the DF Social Media Policy will be subject to disciplin- ary action and will be obliged to remove any social content as directed. For more information, talk to your orderly room staff or Bde/Service Press Office. THE DEFENCE FORCES MAGAZINE

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