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June 2012

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tac aide- speed | 25 this month we are again going to look at Driver Standing orders; this time dealing with speed. DRIVER STANDING ORDERS PARA 64 SPEED All Defence Forces personnel in possession of an AF 154 must adhere to speed limits, both on the public highways and byways and also within military barracks and establishments. The maximum speed limits differ for the different service vehicles: personnel must observe these speed limits, and should be aware that a speed limit is not a target to aim for. Slow down and have consideration for yourself, your passengers and other road users, and remember that the way you drive a service vehicle on our national roads reflects on the good name and professionalism of the Defence Forces. Person- nel should also be aware that any fine or penalty points incurred by the driver of a service vehicle will be awarded against the driver and not the Minister for Defence. The following extracts are quoted for information and compliance: a. The maximum speed at which mechanically propelled service vehicles may be driven shall be as follows:- (1) On Public Roads in built-up areas as referred to in section 45 of the Road Traffic Act, 1961, and article 5 of the Road Traffic (Speed Limits) Regulations, 1963 – All mechanically propelled service vehicles: 50 Kph. (2) Non-National Roads (regional and local): 80 Kph. (3) National Roads (primary and secondary): 100 Kph. (4) Motorway: 120 Kph. (5) Speed Limits applicable to certain types of vehicles: • A service vehicle that can carry more than eight passengers, apart from the driver, but does not carry standing passengers. e.g. minibus, midi-coach, coach: 80 Kph. • Service vehicles with a design gross vehicle weight of more than 3,500Kg: 80 Kph. • Service vehicles drawing a trailer: 80 Kph. The speed limits prescribed in this sub paragraph shall not ap- ply in respect of which a lesser speed limit is prescribed in the Road Traffic (Speed Limits) Regulations, 1963-2008. The lesser speed so prescribed shall be the maximum speed permitted. (6) Within the perimeters of a barracks or camps, including the Curragh Training Camp: 30 Kph, or as local SOPs. b. Service vehicle towing a gun or limber – speed will not exceed 40 Kph. • Armoured vehicles – Speed will not exceed 80 Kph. THE DEFENCE FORCES MAGAZINE

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