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Your Defence Forces Newsletter Air Corps CpD E ngineers Ireland is in the process of auditing the Air Corps as an approved Continual Professional Development (CPD) organisation. The CPD re-accreditation application 2016 has been put forward outlining how the Air Corps maintains and continually de- velops CPD. The Air Corps have outlined a detailed report in the re-accreditation outlining the primary and secondary roles they carry out, some of which are as follows: - Observation and Reconnaissance, Com- mand and Control, Limited Tactical Mobility and Logistic Support, Casualty Evacuation, Maritime Surveillance and Defence, National Security, Protection of Natural Resources, In Aid to the Civil Power, Observation Reconnaissance and Search Operations, Photographic Recon- naissance, Aid to the Civil Community, Aid to Government Departments, Aid to the Civil Community, Recovery and Top cover for search & rescue, Air Ambu- lance, Aid to Government Departments, Ministerial Air Transport Service, Forest and Wildlife Surveys, Aerial Photogra- phy, Assisting in Major Disaster relief. A full version of the re-accreditation is available to view on the Air Corps IKON site. BRAvERy At ROADSIDE C pls Lawton, Loughman and Ptes Mulcahy and Fitzgibbons were travelling back to Athlone from the Glen of Imaal on Friday the 29 April for their LTAV course reports when the car in front of them crashed between Kilcullen and Dunlavin. The car had left the road and the single male occupant was badly hurt. The Soldiers dismounted their transport and proceeded to assist the male occupant. Pte Fitzgibbons took the initiative as he had only recently been qualified in the Medical First Responders course as part of his deployment training for UNIFIL. On approaching the scene he applied his drills of scene safety, which inevitably meant he approached the car from the front so the occupant wouldn't move his neck incase it had been hurt and ensuring the patient was not startled. Following an examination of the individual it was obvious he had been badly hurt and was in shock. The soldiers immediately rang the emergency services. While waiting for the emergency services to arrive they wrapped the patient in their clothes (using smocks). Also Cpl Loughman sat into the car and ensured the male stayed responsive until the ambulance service arrived after forty minutes. The soldiers remained on the scene until the emergency service had taken control of the area. DF PAy ON IKON A n IKON site has been built to deal with all matters related to DF pay, allowances, subsistence, expense claims etc. The predecessor to IKON, DEFNET, hosted a similar section called 'Money Matters'. The new site will link all published information, and circulars relating to the above catego- ries, as well as allowing all IKON users to get involved on the sites newsfeed, and discussion forum. It is the place to go to find out information, and allow subject matter experts to provide assistance. It can be found under Groups > Pay & Allowances on IKON. All IKON users have the ability to post on it's newsfeed on the publishing site. Subject matter experts are encouraged to contribute their knowledge. The site will be developed further over the com- ing weeks. DFtc InnOvAtIOn nEtwORK T he DFTC is setting up an Innovation Network. The purpose of this net- work is to provide a forum where people can submit novel solutions to practical problems faced in the day to day needs of the DFTC. We are looking to establish a network of people of all ranks from all Corps who have an interest in being involved in innovation. If you wish to be involved, please email We are interested in investigating potential projects in many areas includ- ing: Force Protection, Situational Awareness, Power efficiency, Communica- tions, Data, Mobility, Human performance, Total cost of ownership. The Innovation Network has the authority to investigate ideas with the help of industry and academia and submit proposals to the Defence Forces to be assessed. True innovation requires every single member of the DFTC to look around their work area to identify small problems around them and to be empowered and responsible to solve them. In that spirit the Innovation Network would like if unit commanders could make all personnel aware of its existence and that people can become involved by emailing IKOn KIOSK An IKON Kiosk PC is being installed on a trial basis in the lobbies of dining halls around the country. This kiosk is set up to allow any DF member access the IKON portal with read only access. The aim of this kiosk is to allow DF personnel without a CISN login, to access published material on IKON. Users of the kiosk will have full access to all content across all the DF unit publishing sites, and access to the IKON search centre to find content. A generic password will be used to login to the kiosk. the username and password are (lowercase): kiosk_guest / password16 McKee Barracks was the first DF installa- tion to have the kiosk for a trial period and it will change location periodically during the trial period. Kiosks will be rolled out across DF locations over the course of the year.

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