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Defence Forces Newsletter Easter Week 1916 All personnel should know and understand the organisation's strategy and how they can assist the Defence Forces in achieving its vision of Strengthening our Nation by Inspiring Pride and Leading Excellence. KEY TAKEAWAY The strategic objectives require detailed plans in order to be achieved. A Defence Forces annual plan has been developed that establishes measurable, performance targets for the organisation for 2017. Each Formation/Directorate have also developed their own annual plans identifying areas where the Commander/Director feels their respective Formation/Directorate can best assist the General Staff in achieving the strategic objectives. In the following months, training will be conducted to assist units in developing their annual plans for 2018. This will ensure that the strategy is cascaded across the organisation. IMPLEMENTATION Starting within resourcing perspective, moving through the developing and Operating perspectives, to the shaping perspective, there is a cause-and-effect relationship running up through the framework map. For example, if we become more efficient at allocating resources, we can optimise training processes, thereby enhancing operational effectiveness leading to an enhanced Standing of the Defence Forces within society. This cause-and- effect relationship is summarised on the right hand side of the framework map: we will focus our resources – towards developing our people – to excel at these actions in order to meet the expectations of the Irish people. HOW IT WILL BE USED The Framework Map is underpinned by our values (Respect, Loyalty, Selflessness, Integrity, Moral Courage, and Physical Courage) and ensures we continue to achieve our mission (Provide the military capabilities to defend Ireland and our assigned interests internationally), whilst progressing the organisation towards achieving its ambitious vision (Strengthen our Nation by Inspiring Pride and Leading Excellence) IT'S BASIS The Framework Map is divided in to the four perspectives of Resourcing, Developing, Operating, and Shaping. Within each of the perspectives are the General Staff 's Strategic Objectives, which are the action-orientated statements required to implement our strategy. IT'S STRUCTURE A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term vision. The Defence Forces Framework Map translates strategic priorities (i.e. HR, Training and Evaluation) into directional and action- orientated statements of what we must do in order to execute our strategy over the next three years (i.e. the consolidation phase). It is based on strategic analysis which included the implementation of the White Paper and is aligned with the Defence Organisation Strategy Statement 2016-2019. WHAT IT IS FRAMEWORK MAP

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